Attorney Identification
Card Application

The approval and issuance of an Attorney Identification Card (“I.D. Card”), is a privilege extended by order of the Circuit and Superior Courts (Court).

All attorneys granted this privilege accept the privilege subject to any and all terms and conditions set forth by the Court. These conditions include an Agreement by the attorney that he or she will not bring firearms, knives, or any other weapons or contraband into the City-County Building; that the I.D. Card is issued for the exclusive personal use of the authorized attorney, and is not to be loaned out to other persons; and that the I.D. Card will be used in accordance with the Rules of Professional Responsibility and the attorney’s responsibilities as an officer of the court.

The issuance of an I.D. Card may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of the Court Administrator pursuant to the directives of the Court.

The process for issuing an I.D. Card is changing for the next year. This site will be updated with the new details within the next few weeks.

The details and process for this card can be found by clicking on the following link View Policy Statement. If you need immediate assistance with your I.D. Card, please contact the Court Administrator’s Office.