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Tax Warrant Information

If you have questions about the service or if you encounter any technical difficulty using the service, please contact IndyBiz. Please telephone our office at 1-866-702-6008 during our business hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm weekdays.

Tax Warrants are issued by the Indiana Department of Revenue to identify individuals or companies who owe either income or unemployment tax to the State of Indiana. These Warrants are then submitted to local County Clerk Offices.

The Marion County Clerk's Office Tax Warrants are available online 24 hours per day (except Sundays from 1:00pm-5:00pm during city/county system maintenance).

The records supplied are in "real time". In other words, the online access will retrieve exactly what is available in the Marion County Clerk's Office Database at that moment in time based upon your search criteria.

This Database contains all Warrants issued through Marion County from November 1990 to the present, plus all Warrants filed between January 1990 and October 1990 that were not satisfied as of November 1990. Warrants originating before those timeframes are not available online.


There is no charge to conduct an initial search or to view the resulting list of possible matches. When searching by Individual Name, Company Name or Warrant Number, there is a $1.00 charge for each specific Warrant Record you select to view. Warrant S atisfaction Details are available for an additional $1.00 per Satisfaction.

Hint when Searching by Name: The system searches for exact matches only. Your search criteria must be exactly what is listed in the Clerk's Office database in order to retrieve the record. The fewer criteria you enter, the greater number of potenti al matches and, therefore, the greater likelihood that the system will produce the specific Warrant you require.

For the greatest number of potential matches, search by Last Name only or partial Last Name only. Please note, the fewer criteria used, the longer the computer compilation time.

Service Type 2: SEARCH BY DATE

A "Search by Date" Service is provided for customers who would like to retrieve details, including name and address, of all Warrants issued on a particular day.

Customers may choose to receive the results in 3 formats: HTML, TSV, and TEXT. These formats enable customers to conveniently incorporate the records into a variety of software programs and database systems, such as Microsoft Excel or Word, if desire d.

There is a $0.10 per record charge for the "Search by Date" or "Batch" service. There will be no charge assessed if no records are identified. Satisfaction Details are not provided through this service type.

The number of Warrants issued on a particular day varies greatly and is not easy to estimate. For example, a one month study revealed the number of Warrants varied from 0 to 4,881 Records per day. Within that month, Warrants were issued only on 11 da ys.

Client ID - Client ID is an optional field created to assist you with accounting and managerial reporting functions. Before submitting a search request, you can input a customer name, account number, department name, account executive, or etc. i nto the Client ID area. After submitting your search request, your online billing summary will provide not only a total of any charges you have incurred, but also provide sub-totals per Client ID. Client ID sub-totals are available only on the online billing summary. They are not provided on other invoicing statements.

This area is provided only as an aid to you. The Client ID will not appear on any records, licenses etc. that are a result of your search.

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